Tuesday, November 1, 2016




Bee nein!

That's right! Today, K and I got an e-mail from Dr. B (now Dr. B9) that stated that the pathology from my recent surgery was "benign and reactive." Reactive means that the funky-looking cells were reacting to inflammation and infection. They aren't cancer. They're just funny-looking.




I have had many false alarms since my original cancer in 1981. I have had several operations to remove things that turned out to be nothing. I have been told that I probably had a terrible cancer when I did not. But never, never, never before August, has anyone said to me so unequivocally that I had terminal cancer. But I don't.

Thank you, everyone for your warm wishes and encouragement. Thank you for your help and many more offers of help.

And thank you, Dr. Famous Squamous, Dr. Mister Rogers, Dr. Fixer, Dr. Agent Skully, Dr. Nariz, and Dr. B9. Thank you, everyone from work. Thank you Mom, Dad, B, Ginny, Katie, and, particularly, K.

There will be little updates about this or that, and, I am afraid, there will be other adventures. Radiation is the gift that keeps on giving, after all, and I have had a lot of radiation. But this particular adventure is OVER!