Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Viral Creeping Crud

Last week, I felt really sick--sicker than I have felt in years (with the exception of those few hours with killer vertigo). But so did K. And so did B. (B was only sick for about 12 hours and then went back to bouncing around like a pinball.)

So it was not cancer, nor was it an infected PICC line. Neither K nor B have a PICC line. I know. I've seen each of them without their clothes. It was some kind of viral illness. Now I am better. K is still recovering.

Meanwhile, other than last week's viral creeping crud, I feel better than I have in years. This may be due to:
a: a manic break,
b: enforced regularization of my sleep schedule by twice daily IV antibiotics,
c: treatment of what has been a chronic, smoldering infection around my clivus, or
d: I'm snorting cocaine so sneakily that even I am unaware of it.

I suspect the answer is either 'c', or a combination of 'b' and 'c'. Clearly, after the IV antibiotics are done, the long term maintenance of this feeling of well-being will require either surgery or chronic, low-dose antibiotics (like the ones they feed all conventionally raised livestock so as to breed resistant bacteria).

In any case, the possibility of feeling more energetic for a long time is very pleasant.

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