Wednesday, August 17, 2016

'Tis the Night Before Clivus

Rambling Thoughts as I Anticipate Tomorrow

Currently, I'm doing the evening dose of the 10 minutes of nebulized nasal steroid I do twice a day. B just came up to me and counseled. "Dad, as soon as you're done with this, you've got to sleep." The kid's got a point.

The maniacs at Brigham want me to show up at 5:30 tomorrow morning for surgery at 7:30. This further reinforces my conviction that medicine is run by a conspiracy of morning people who believe that this early bird preference of theirs is some sort of virtue instead of a physiologic trait and mental derangement. Harrumph.

In other news, I was very upset this afternoon to discover that I have dandruff. Have to do something about that.

Also today, although I did not see any other patients, I did hold my usual every-other-week group appointment for recovering addicts. For that one activity, I am pretty hard to replace, since I have a special license to prescribe the Suboxone that helps them stay sober. I actually enjoy it. They're a pretty nice group. One of them asked what surgery I am having tomorrow. I told them I was going for an emergency boob job. (This group is fine with that sort of thing. They know me well by now.)

OK. The boy is right. Time to pack for the hospital. (I'll tell you how that's done some other time. It's an art.)


  1. When I had a small accident involving a car jack that left me with stitches in my chin I got tired of explaining the bandage. So I just starting telling people that I had had my appendix out. I hope the "emergency boob job" goes well and that your recovery is both quick and kinda dull.