Sunday, August 21, 2016

What's Going on Inside My Head?

The head cheese is growing a dog's breakfast of microbes of all shapes and sizes, including yeast, so I guess it's cheese bread. The only bug fully identified is Enterococcus faecalis. Believe me, I have no idea how that one got up my nose. Feh! Surprisingly, the infectious disease people have not put me on antibiotics yet. I guess that's good news. It will take time for all of this to finish cooking, so more later.

The cauliflower pathology is still pending. Lots of squamous cells like you would find in skin or scars. They're funny-looking, but none have appeared malignant so far. Yum.

The achiness and propofol hangover from surgery continues to provide me with food for complaint, but I got some more morsels yesterday when my back went out.* I'm still trying to figure out who the god/goddess of the clivus is so I can sacrifice some cattle to him/her, and now I also have to find the diety of the lower back (or, perhaps the demigod of L5-S1).

Be well,


*Find a penny. Pick it up. All day long, you'll have excruciating sciatica. --Me on Facebook


  1. Back a fair bit better this morning, and head and neck too. Fingers crossed, wood knocked on, and bull sacrificed.

  2. We have both chickens and goats in our backyard in CT so if you need a small animal to sacrifice just say the word... Sending healing thoughts and best wishes from our family

  3. Excellent! I'll take 2 chicken sacrifices and one goat sacrifice please. One 30 second dance and a 2 minute chant in Ancient Greek on the side.