Sunday, March 18, 2012

3/15/12: Clash of the Surgeons 2

Back to that scary thingy behind my nose/mouth. Kathleen and I spent yesterday running around getting various radiology studies. It does not look like radiation necrosis. (Goodbye, whimsical notion. We hardly knew ye.) I could spout my semi-informed speculations on what it might be, but that would freak everyone out. There will be time for that later. Next Tuesday and Wednesday, we get down to business. I will see three (three!) eminent neurosurgeons, each of whom will present their plan. Then, they'll duke it out in an Xtreme cage match, and the one left standing can biopsy my clivus. Stay tuned!
 PS: This is the final catch-up post on the Tumoriffic! blog. You are now up to date!


  1. "Biopsy my clivus" sounds like a provocation, as in "Kiss my grits!" And I am sure you meant it that way. ;) Kathleen

  2. Well! Doesn't that just biopsy the clivus!


  3. A year ago I didn't even know what a clivus was. Now that I've been to two seminars with clivus in the title . . . I still have to look it up every time. May the best surgeon win!