Sunday, March 18, 2012

Tumoriffic! Moves to the Unused Doctor Garvey's Health Blog

Tumor fans, after a 6 year hiatus (or 4 and a half, depending on how you count),  it is now time for  

Tumoriffic!, Part IV
Chapter 1: The Fifth Tumor?!?!

Since Wednesday, March 14, I have been posting my exciting news on Facebook, but I realize that has left out some of my most loyal tumor fans. I will now repost what news I have had so far, and from now on, I will use both this blog and Facebook.

For those of you who need to review, the story of my earlier adventures in Tumorland can be found at (I won't add to that site since it was written in a program that is no longer available, and I am too lazy to redo it.)

March 12, 2012: Taking a Spin on the Yorktown Express. . .
Reporting from brigham & womens ER. Instant transformation from doctor to patient this morning. One minute, I'm talking to a 92 year old about her orthostatic hypotension, the next, the room is spinning, my hand is clutching my mouth, and I'm on the express train to yorktown.
(Before I made it out the door, breakfast was spraying out my nose and through my fingers. So much for bedside manner.)
March 14, 2012: . . .Which Somehow Ends Up in Tumorland
Holeeeeeeey spit! That dizzy spell signaled my return to Tumorland!

My primary care doc called yesterday to tell me that the MRI done in the ER 2 days ago showed a 'small' mass in my clivus. The clivus is not the scientific name for some naughty part, nor is it the name of a minor character from the Beverly Hillbillies. It's a bone that sits between the back of my nose and, as Woody Allen said, "my second favorite organ"--my brain. Ruh roh. More updates to follow.

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