Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Morning After

K reminded me that, as I was waking up yesterday, I turned to the nurse and said, "where are my breast implants?" I then clarified that "It's not that I wanted to be a woman. I just wanted breasts!"

Meanwhile, I'm sitting on the 10th floor of Ben and Jerry's Hospital getting IV antibiotics and waiting for the infectious disease specialist to come by. I expect to go home this afternoon. I never thought I would be so happy to have a mere skull base osteomyelitis. (That's assuming the pathologists don't find anything that was not initially obvious. In any case we'll know in a week.)


  1. Oh, dear Tom. That must have been so disappointing for you to wake up and find no implants. Love, Dickey

  2. I hope you stopped at a bra shop on the way home this afternoon. I'd like you to have a huge bra with "falsies" to wear it under your shirt for your next doctor's appointment. You can let the doc know how much you like the "new you"! See if he remembers doing the the implant(s). Or just wait and see what he says about things that were not "initially obvious". Namely, your new boobs! Of course, he is a specialist, so he may not notice.