Saturday, March 24, 2012


It didn't take much to persuade Dr. Prince Clivus to operate sooner. Yesterday morning, his nurse called and told me the clivus scraping will be first thing in the morning, Wednesday, March 28. I thanked profusely and assured her that I will be happy to go to the back of the line next time I have a tumor.

Honestly, I feel a little sheepish about this. Did someone else's surgery get put off? I know the reason was to allow me to start stroke prevention meds as quickly as possible, but how high, really, is my stroke risk over two weeks, and how many neurosurgeries are not, in some way, urgent? It's not like this guy does boob jobs. And, did you know that Blogspot's spellchecker does not recognize 'clivus'? What a bunch of slackers!


  1. You're an amazing man, Tom. I am in awe of your ability to keep all of us who care about you abreast with such humor on this blog. I'm cheering for you. Are you sure there aren't elective neurosurgeries they are rescheduling? Perhaps bilateral temporal lobe augmentation?

    -Dave Robinson

  2. I know a couple of Survivor contestants I could recommend for general grey matter implants. Perhaps they got pushed back?

  3. Do you really want to find out what your stroke risk would be? I wouldn't.

    Cheryl Gilarski

  4. Crossed finger, crossed toes, crossed eyes. Not sure what other bilateral structures I can cross...


  5. Yang, me neither. At least not without causing serious pain.